WorldDAB Automotive 2023

WorldDAB Automotive 2023

Am 15. Juni 2023 findet die WorldDAB Automotive 2023 in Paris statt. Jetzt haben die Veranstalter das Programm vorgestellt, das unter dem Motto „Keeping Radio Prominent“ steht.


aus dem Programm

  • Keeping broadcast radio prominent
    The WorldDAB President gives an overview on the importance of maintaining (digital) broadcast radio’s prominence in the car, and the latest trends and initiatives relating to the in-car audio experience. 
    Patrick Hannon (WorldDAB)
  • Why DAB+ is crucial for Radio France
    France's DAB+ roll-out is about to reach over 50% population coverage, with key autoroutes covered, and the first large-scale national marketing campaign will commence later this year.
    Sibyle Veil (Radio France)
  • Broadcast radio's importance for Europe's public service media
    EBU shapes the best regulatory and technological frameworks for its members, setting international technology standards and building strategic partnerships - including with Big Tech. The EBU Connected Cars and Devices group discusses challenges and opportunities in this area, and a priority for the EBU Radio Committee is to ensure radio's prominence in connected cars.
    Jean Philip De Tender (EBU)
  • SWR's focus on the car
    SWR is committed to delivering strong radio content to its listeners - especially in the car. With a focus on road tunnel coverage, SWR delivers rich programming, uninterrupted reception and passenger safety on DAB+.
    Peter Fohrwikl, Head of Program Services, Südwestrundfunk (SWR)
  • Broadcast radio for French commercial radio
    Why broadcast is important for the French commercial radio sector and the role of DAB+.
    Alain Liberty (Lagardère News)

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