IBC Highlights

FKT: As the broadcasting and film industry is in plain transition, this year‘s IBC conference clearly reflects how complex and diverse the markets have become. New technologies such as VR and AR, UHDTV, IP and the Cloud remain high on the agenda; with more practical testing in live and non-live environments giving more room for intense discussions.

Apart from new technologies and business models to win new audiences, cross-platform storytelling, and approaches on how to use the technology available in the most creative and efficient way are gaining in importance.

For the Big Screen Event this year, widely acclaimed Hollywood director Ang Lee will deliver a keynote presenting his creative vision of using new technologies to develop a story. In this context, he and key members of the production team will take a closer look at Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, a 120 fps 4K 3D production.

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