mit Veranstaltungsreihe KI und Dokumentarfilm 2024

Vom 1. bis 7. Mai findet an der HFF München im Rahmen des DOK.festes München das statt, diesmal mit einer Veranstaltungsreihe zum Thema „KI und Dokumentarfilm“ in Kooperation mit Documentary Campus und dem Bayerischen Rundfunk statt. Alle Panels und Vorträge finden in englischer Sprache statt. 

KI im Programm des DOK.festes München 2024

„Eternal You – Vom Ende der Endlichkeit“ ( Hans Block & Moritz Riesewieck). Die Filmemacher stellen Start-Ups vor, die mithilfe von KI Bots und Avatare von Verstorbenen erschaffen, mit denen die Hinterbliebenen chatten und sprechen können Der Film begleitet Pioniere und erste Kund*innen einer neuen "digitalen Unsterblichkeit" und wirft Fragen über ethischen und moralische Implikationen auf. Was bedeutet das angedeutete "Ende der Endlichkeit" für das Menschsein? Wie menschlich darf die KI werden? 

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·       2.Mai,  20:30 Premiere Deutsche Theater

·       3. Mai, 18:30 Rio Kino 2

·       12. Mai, 19:00 Münchner Kammerspiele


„Watching you – Die Welt von Palantir und Alex Karp“ (Klaus Stern) – Eröffnungsfilm des DOKfestes München.

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·       3.Mai 17.30, City 2

·       8.Mai 20.00 Rio 1

·       10.Mai 18.00 Gasteig

KI und Dokumentartfilm am 2. Mai 2024

14:30 Uhr, HFF Kino 1: Visual Horizons: AI’s journey to documentary

Exploring AI’s transformative impact on documentary content, this session highlights advancements in image enhancement and the creation of immersive multimedia experiences. This paves the way for detailed case studies and discussions.


Robin Burgauer, Producer & Co-founder, Inlusio Interactive
Ellen Kuo, Head of the XR Market, NewImages Festival
Simon Staffans, Producer & CEO, ReThink – New Media Solutions

Moderated by Eva Wolfangel, Science Journalist

16:00 Uhr, HFF Kino 1: Ethical AI: Navigating bias and fairness in documentary filmmaking

This discussion emphasises the need to address bias and maintain fairness in algorithmic processes. It highlights the risk of AI perpetuating stereotypes and outlines methods for ensuring transparency and accountability in AI-driven projects.


Dr. Nadine Hammele, Academic
Dr. Dominic Lees, Associate Professor in Filmmaking, University of Reading
Cassie Quarless, Director
Stefanie Urchs, Researcher, Munich University of Applied Sciences

Moderated by Eva Wolfangel, Science Journalist

KI und Dokumentarfilm am 3. Mai 2024

9:30 Uhr, HFF Audimax: Navigating the legal side of AI in documentaries

Exploring legal and regulatory challenges of AI in documentary filmmaking, this discussion focuses on governance, privacy, and data protection. Topics will include permissions for AI content, navigating AI production laws, and ensuring privacy compliance with AI analytics.

The talk will be preceded by the keynote “Legal Puzzles in AI: 50 Shades of Grey Explored”.


Jacques Alomo, Motion and Interface Designer & Founder, creamAI
Christian Beetz, Producer, gebrueder beetz
Dr. Richard Hahn, Lead Partner, Lausen Rechtsanwälte

Moderated by Eva Wolfangel, Science Journalist

11:30 Uhr, HFF Audimax: Adobe Masterclass

In this masterclass, Robert Hranitzky will show you how to edit videos faster and more efficiently using the latest features in Adobe Premiere Pro. Collaborate with others, gain more time for the things that really matter, and discover how AI-driven tools can make your productions look and sound better, while always maintaining creative control.


Robert Hranitzky, Senior Digital Video Evangelist and Community Advocate, Adobe

Moderated by Michael Leuthner, Professor of Motion Picture/Camera, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

14:00 Uhr, HFF Audimax: Innovating documentary filmmaking: AI-powered tools and techniques

Explore how AI, VFX and cloud computing are revolutionizing storytelling and production in documentary filmmaking, paving the way for innovative workflows and creative processes in the industry’s future.


Mads Damsbo, Founder, Kaspar AI
Simon von der Au, Head of HFF CreatiF-Center, University of Television and Film Munich (HFF)

Moderated by Eva Wolfangel, Science Journalist

14:30 Uhr, HFF Audimax: Closing Keynote

The final keynote of the Industry Training Talks will explore the transformative role of AI in documentary filmmaking, focusing on its potential to reshape storytelling for social change. This discussion will touch on ethical considerations and innovative applications, illustrating how AI can amplify the impact of documentaries on social dynamics.


Prof. Dr. Sylvia Rothe, Professor of AI in Media Production, University of Television and Film Munich (HFF)


Bild: DOK.fest  München 2024