Spectra Logic Corporation

At Spectra Logic we define, design and deliver innovative data protection through tape and disk-based backup, recovery and archive storage solutions. By igniting innovation we challenge expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated, and simple to use backup and archive technologies.




With over 30 years of experience in storage, our goal is to develop high-density, feature-rich storage products with unmatched service and support to customers worldwide. To guarantee superior quality for our clients, we manufacture all T-Series libraries onsite at our Boulder, Colorado USA-based headquarters.

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Since our beginning, we have remained a privately held business. This gives our team a greater sense of ownership, inspires them to make their best contributions and has led to our many innovations throughout our history. This is marked by our 54 US patents and 46 live applications for patent. We are continually motivated to be the leader in an ever-evolving industry and our touch can be seen around the world through our thousands of T-Series installations around the globe in over 72 countries.