Best practices for scalable and reliable transition to ST 2110 (Marco Gasperoni

Marco Gasperoni

Marco Gasperoni – Cisco CTO for Media and System Engineering Leader, 23+ years at Cisco

Marco Gasperoni leads the Service Provider Media and Broadcasting Systems Engineering team in Europe and UKI and acts as CTO for this organization.

In this role, Marco is responsible for defining the SP Media technical strategy working together with Business Units, SP Specialist, ISV and Partners, as well as the Systems Engineers organizational structure, fostering strong and trusted relationships with key Media and Broadcasters stakeholders in the region. 

Kurzfassung des Vortrags No. 22

"Broadcast Market challenges for transition to ST 2110 are related to reliable network, deployment flexibility, multicast flow health and visibility monitoring, PTP scalability and visibility, network security and unchanged operator workflow IP technology allows to address all these challenges and requirements creating a scalable and flexible DC Fabric, compliant with ST 2110.

We will describe the best practice to follow in order to design and implement IP Fabric for ST 2110 use cases, and key capabilities IP Fabric needs to support like non-blocking, embedded security, multicast and PTP visibility, open API to broadcast controller… "